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Football Questions:​

​ Scott Zappia: szap57@hotmail.com​


​​Cheer Directors: Kim Chichelli & Mandy Eccleston

Mite Cheer: Head Coach- Marquita Hill, Asst. Coach- Holley Blankfield

Mitey Mite Cheer: Head Coach- Kaylah Zazzara, Asst. Coach- Sydney Greenauer

Pee Wee Cheer: Head Coach- Amanda Hamelin, Asst. Coach- Corine Sortino

Football Team Coaches

Tiny Mite Football - Roger Webb - rwebbjr@yahoo.com

Tiny Mite Football - John Roman - jroman3@gmail.com

Mitey Mite Football - Chris Berbert - berbert4228@gmail.com

Jr Pee Wee Football - Dennis Kelsey - dkelsey@frontiernet.net

Football Team Moms


Use this form if you have questions about the Chargers organization

Tiny Mite Roman – Michelle Williams michellewilliams617@gmail.com

Tiny Mite Webb – Andrea Krolick- akrolicktinymites@gmail.com

Mitey Mite – Marcia Roesser forevercrashin@hotmail.com

Jr. Pee Wee – Ellen Powers epowerslove@gmail.com