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We are so excited to announce that our Fall 2024 Season registration is now OPEN!

Please read below for important information before clicking the link below:


You will need ALL required documents in order to register.  These documents include a current photo of your child (preferably this year's school photo), your child's most recent report card (or Kindergarten Entry Form), a doctor's note that clears your child to play (or a physical valid until November 2024), and the current RYFC Agreement Form. Please scan these documents in, pictures of documents tend to be blurry and unreadable.


Payment is due at time of registration. There may be processing fees added to the total. Please understand that these are fees incurred by the processing companies and are outside of our control. That being said, should you need a refund in the future, your refund will be your registration fee minus the processing fees. Please note: full refunds will be available until May 1st, 2024.

We are offering a multi-player discount! Your first child will be full price. Once you add a second, third, etc. child to the cart, the system will automatically discount your total by $25 per added child up to 5 children and a $100 discount. The discount will work across football and cheer. This is our way of saying "thank you" for choosing the Greece Chargers for your family!

Once you have opened the registration link, you will choose your child's level. Please keep in mind that there will be options for each level in football and cheer. Please choose your registration option carefully as the cost of registration for football is different than for cheer. 

Flag Level Football: K-2nd grades ($225)

C Team Football: 3rd grade ($350)

B Team Football: 4th & 5th grades ($350)

A Team Football: 6th & 7th grades ($350) 


Flag Level Cheer: K-1st grades ($280)

C Team Cheer: 2nd & 3rd grades ($280)

B Team Cheer: 4th & 5th grades ($280)

A Team Cheer: 6th & 7th grades ($280)


Now you are ready to register! Please click HERE to begin your registration! CHOOSE YOUR LEVEL AND TEAM CAREFULLY AS THERE ARE OPTIONS FOR CHEER AND FOOTBALL AT EACH LEVEL.

If you are interested in COACHING this season, please click HERE.


If you need assistance in navigating our new system, you can find a tutorial on completing registration HERE.


Thank you for choosing the Greece Chargers. We look forward to providing a great experience for your family in the 2024 Season! Once a Charger, Always a Charger!



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